Lobbying Services

The Pirro Group provides lobbying services for a broad client base, which represent diverse fields such as real estate, health care, energy, and technology.

Our experience with political leadership on both sides of the aisle will give your company the competitive edge. We utilize a broad range of political and professional relationships to help your business achieve its goals.

By utilizing the skills of The Pirro Group, your needs will stay high on elected officials' agendas. In addition, our pragmatic solutions to seemingly complex problems will help your business avoid unnecessary legislation.

As many businesses have found, using in-house staff to contend with the quagmire of government bureaucracy is either ineffective or too expensive. Instead, the underlying complexity of state, city and federal regulations make the services of a lobbyist crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

Some of The Pirro Group lobbying services include:

  • Advancing positive legislation and hindering negative legislation.
  • Actively monitoring the legislative and political landscape.
  • Assisting in obtaining crucial "letters of support" from elected officials for projects.
  • Attending hearings and adeptly performing governmental legwork that would normally drain valuable time from your staff.
  • Assisting in crafting successful Request For Proposals (RFP's) responses, grants, applications and presentations.
  • Promoting grassroots support for your issue or project.