White Plains Litigation Attorney


Since the economic downturn of 2008, every element of the real estate industry has been faced with unprecedented challenges. As financial markets pick up steam, a key factor in your success will be the counsel of a law firm that has kept pace with the changes. In good times and bad, the Pirro Group keeps its focus, and guides its clients to success in an evolving industry. Our White Plains litigation attorneys work efficiently and effectively to help real estate developers and investors resolve disputes and achieve their objectives.

White Plains Litigation Attorneys

The Pirro Group has 35 years of experience with all phases of environmental, commercial, construction and real estate development litigation, including the representation of major developers in land use challenges and environmental and zoning approvals. In 2010 we handled over sixty construction-related litigation cases for George A. Fuller company, Inc. We have also provided defense litigation services for Exxon Company, USA, Mobil Oil Corporation and Home Depot, USA.

During our representation of Exxon, the Pirro Group handled actions under the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act. Our experience in the petroleum industry also includes matters with the NYS Department of Environmental conservation regarding compliance at service stations and bulk petroleum storage facilities. We have also provided counseling and litigation services to clients in the petroleum industry in matters involving violations of CERCLA and issues arising under the Environmental Law of the State of New York.

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